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Vascular Laboratory Services


Inpatient Vascular Lab

The Vascular Laboratory at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is one of the premier facilities in New Jersey. Accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL), we perform over 15,000 non-invasive vascular laboratory studies each year. Certified technologists employing state of the art technology perform a broad array of studies under the supervision of the Faculty of the Division of Vascular Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

These non-invasive studies include evaluation of the arterial system of the lower and upper extremities by Duplex Ultrasound, Doppler, and pulse volume recording analysis to identify disease. These non-invasive studies of the lower extremities may be helpful in the identification and management of patients with claudication, rest pain or non-healing wounds. Upper extremity evaluations are useful in the diagnosis of patients with thoracic outlet syndrome and Raynaud’s Disease. Testing of the venous system is possible to identify disorders of the superficial, perforator and deep venous systems. Screening Duplex Ultrasound examinations for carotid artery narrowing are performed to identify patients at increased risk for stroke. In conjunction with transcranial Duplex, the arterial supply to the brain may be imaged. By non-invasive evaluation, vasculogenic impotence or erectile dysfunction may identified allowing treatment.

The laboratory is open seven days of the week for both outpatient and inpatient studies. Emergency studies may be performed at the bedside of critically ill patients or those that cannot travel to the laboratory.

To reach the Inpatient Vascular Laboratory at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital: (732) 937-8635


Outpatient Vascular Lab

Outpatients can have their non-invasive vascular testing performed at either our inpatient vascular lab, or more conveniently, our outpatient vascular laboratories located in Monroe Township and Princeton. We provide convenient comprehensive testing services in a pleasant environment at these 2 off-campus locations.  All testing is performed in conjunction with On-Site Cardiovascular Imaging (OCVI) and is interpreted by our faculty.

To reach the Outpatient Vascular Laboratory at OCVI Imaging: (609) 409-8300