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PGY 3 - Urology 2

The PGY 3 Urology residents spends 6 months on the pediatric service at the Bristol Myers-Squibb Children's Hospital as well as 6 months on research elective.

During the six month rotation, the resident becomes comfortable managing common and complex pediatric problems including hypospadias, vesicoureteral reflux and neurogenic bladder dysfunction.  During the PGY 3 year the resident also is exposed to more complex adult endoscopic cases and begins to perform minimally invasive, robotic and laparoscopic cases.

The PGY 3 spends a total of 6 months dedicated to basic or clinical science research. The resident selects a research project with his/her mentor that is based on the interest of the resident. The resident is encouraged to present the research at a national meeting and submit the completed work for publication. During this rotation, the resident will also spend one day per week in our comprehensive Urodynamics lab in the CAB under the guidance of Dr. Hari Tunuguntla to learn the fundamentals of urodynamic evaluation.