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FACIAL REJUVENATION, NASAL SHAPING, ABDOMINOPLASTY, BODY CONTOURING, BREAST ENLARGEMENT, LIFT OR REDUCTION, LASER RESURFACING: The complete range of cosmetic services we perform include Facelift, Browlift, Nasal Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Chemical Peel, Laser Surgery, Dermabrasion, Liposuction, Body Contouring and Abdominoplasty. The goal in cosmetic surgery is to always achieve the best personal appearance for you. Everyone is an unique individual with special concerns and desires. We listen carefully to your desires and treatment is tailored to your specific needs. After a complete evaluation, your doctor thoroughly discusses the proposed treatment and answers all your questions. Our team works to educate you about what you can expect before and after the operation. To assure your comfort and privacy, we provide all evaluations in our private office setting. Surgery can be performed confidentially at any one of several out-patient facilities depending on your wishes.

RHINOPLASTY (Nasal Surgery), FACELIFT (Rhytidectomy), EYELIDS (Blepharoplasty), NECKLIFT (Cervicoplasty), SKIN CANCERS OF THE FACE (Basal, Squamous Cell, and Melanoma), EAR-COSMETIC & RECONSTRUCTION (Otoplasty), POST-TRAUMA RECONSTRUCTION (Scars and Bone): In addition to the full scope of cosmetic surgery, we perform reconstruction on all types of facial injuries, and tumors of the face, jaws and nose. We treat fractures of facial bones, nose and jaw from car accidents or work-related trauma. We also repair residual facial deformities due to poor healing or scars.

BASAL CELL SKIN CANCER (Most common), SQUAMOUS CELL SKIN CANCER (Less common), MALIGNANT MELANOMA (Increasingly common): Any skin lesion that does not heal in 4 to 6 weeks is suspicious for skin cancer, especially in people with previous or recent sun exposure. The Center's surgeons can remove common skin tumors of any size or type, and provide expert plastic reconstruction. Any physician can remove a skin cancer, but our expert plastic surgeons offer optimal care with the most cosmetically acceptable results. We are closely affiliated with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick.

ENLARGEMENT (Augmentation mammaplasty), REDUCTION (Reduction mammaplasty), LIFT (Mastopexy), RECONSTRUCTION AFTER MASTECOMY (Implant, Expander or TRAM): The Center offers complete breast plastic surgery service for cosmetic breast contouring, such as lifting, enlargement, and correction of abnormalities. We perform all methods of reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer, as well as breast reduction for overly large breasts. We serves as the principal plastic surgeons for the New Jersey Comprehensive Breast Care Center at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

WRINKLES, RED SPOTS (Port Wine Stains), SPIDER VEINS, SURFACE LEG VEINS, TATTOOS, AGE SPOTS: Our doctors are experts in skin laser treatments of all types - Dr. Borah is the Director of the Skin Laser Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and has over twenty years of laser experience. We can choose from six different types of lasers to correct cosmetic skin blemishes and wrinkles. We can also lighten or eliminate unsightly blood vessels in the skin of the face, legs or hands using laser light.

WORK-RELATED INJURIES (fractures, scars, tendon injuries), AUTOMOBILE-RELATED INJURIES (all types), CYSTS or MASSES, DUPYTREN'S CONTRACTURE, CARPAL TUNNEL: The Center's team treat work-related hand injuries at the time of injury and afterwards. We coordinate your treatment with specialized hand and occupational therapists, rheumatologists and primary care physicians to achieve the optimum results from surgery. All diseases of the hand are treated at the Center including carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, nerve injury or numbness, Dupytren's contracture, vascular abnormalities, degenerative joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue and bone masses, skin cancers, and birth defects of the hands. We also treat all traumatic hand problems such as fractures, dislocations, and tendon lacerations.

BIRTHMARKS (Congenital nevi, Port wine stains), BLOOD VESSEL TUMORS (Hemangiomas, Port wine stains), CLEFT LIP and PALATE, HAND ABNORMALITIES (Extra digits, fused fingers or toes), EAR (Prominent ear, cup ear, missing ear): Children with birth defects including abnormalities of the ear, face, skull, cleft lip and palate, hand, and breast are treated from infancy through adulthood. The most advanced treatment for skin hemangiomas, tumors, and birthmarks is offered by the surgical team. We work in close cooperation with pediatricians, pediatric anesthesiologists and other professionals to provide comprehensive care for your child. While scarless surgery is not yet possible, our aim is always to correct your child's problem with the least amount of scarring.

COMPLEX CASES, SECOND OPINIONS (or THIRD), REASSURANCE, UNSATISFACTORY OUTCOME: The surgeons at the Center are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their fields, and we offer consultation and second opinion service for any problem related to cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery. Our independent evaluations can help you decide on the best course of action for treatment of your condition. We may confirm the advantages of your present course of therapy, or offer an alternative approach. We provide this service in the strictest confidentiality.

FREE FLAPS (Tissue transplantation), NERVE REPAIR, HAND BLOOD VESSEL REPAIR, WORK-RELATED FINGER OR HAND REATTACHMENT: The surgeons at the Center use sophisticated "tissue transplantation" to rebuild defects from trauma, tumors, or other deforming conditions. Our doctors are specially trained in the most advanced techniques in microsurgery in order to achieve the complex reconstructive demands required for defects of the leg, arm and head. The microsurgical team performs emergency finger, limb, scalp and ear reattachment operations related to work injury, in addition to delayed reconstruction. We can arrange transfer of hospitalized patients to our service from other hospitals where these sophisticated services are not available.